Terramaxx – a system of protective and guiding fences for amphibians and small animals

Reduction of mortality of small animals

The Terramaxx protective and guiding fencing system prevents amphibians, reptiles and other small animals from dying, e.g. frogs, great crested newts and fire-bellied toads during migration, which intensify especially in early spring and summer after heavy rains.
Reducing the mortality of these animals is possible thanks to the two basic functions:
  • stopping specimen from moving
  • changing their direction of movement, while guiding them to crossings that enable them to cross the road safely

shelves with and without a threadmill

Terramaxx shelves are available with and without a treadmill. The use of a treadmill, i.e. a horizontal shelf integrated with the main wall of the fencing, significantly improves the efficiency of guiding animals and prevents overgrowing of the ground surface adjacent to the walls of the fencing.

Fencing guarantees stability thanks to the use of special posts and low weight of prefabricated elements. It’s light and easy to install. It is possible to make any logo on it in accordance with the Investor’s order / guidelines.
The system was developed with the active participation of ecologists who, since years, have been studying mortality on roads and in their surroundings. The fencing provides protection against crossing the upper edge of the element thanks to the use of a roof, set at any angle between 30 and 90 degrees. The system enables free-standing installation as well as direct installation on the fence mesh.

We also offer access shelves

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