Strengthening the structure of embankments and slopes.

Filling to prevent slipping down

The soil filling the cells is held by the cell walls forming a series of mini-dams that prevent the infill from slipping. There are 3 types of slopes: covered with vegetation, without vegetation and reinforced with concrete. In the case of slopes covered with vegetation, sections of cellular geogrids shut and strengthen the vegetation layer. They increase their natural resistance against erosion and protect the root zone against the loss of soil particles. The system works especially well on steep slopes.

Improvement of erosion resistance

In the case of slopes not covered with vegetation, geogrid sections improve the erosion resistance of granular materials, protect the slopes and hold the structure filled with granular materials. Concrete-reinforced slopes act as timbering and a continuous expansion joint system. The cells flex and adapt to substrate movements, reducing cracking.

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